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The Law, State and Telecommunications Review publishes one annual issue released on May uninterruptedly since May 2009. The journal mission is to publish legal and interdisciplinary analyses on telecommunications and communications focused on policy and regulation of communications services, telecommunications services, Internet-based services and rights, such as the right to communicate, to publish, to private exchange, to design communication platforms, and other related topics, such as privacy, intellectual property, universal access, convergence, satellite and spectrum regulation, telecommunication licensing and regulatory design, independent agencies, deregulation, e-commerce, big data, net neutrality, and so forth, with emphasis on national and foreign experiences through the lenses of legal and regulatory theories. It accepts submissions in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. It does not charge for processing, submission, or publishing the articles. Authors are allowed to hold the copyright of their paper without restrictions. We welcome paper submissions all year round. They will undergo rigorous peer review process by anonymous refereeing of independent expert referees. The Law, State and Telecommunications Review is a journal maintained by the University of Brasilia and edited by the Telecommunications Law Research Group of the School of Law Center on Law and Regulation. The journal adopts structured abstracts with clear indication of purpose, methodology/approach/design, findings, practical implications, and originality/value of the papers. Keywords should depict the actual content of the article and be limited to five, according to the ABNT NBR 6028 standard. The journal adopts the ABNT NBR (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards) citation and reference format. Please follow the instructions for submission by clicking here.

Vol 10 No 2 (2018)

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